Würzburger Philosophicum

Würzburger Philosophicum

The work of a physician is concrete philosophy (Karl Jaspers)

The work of a physician is based on two pillars: scientific knowledge and technical expertise being one of them, the humanities, ethics and philosophy the other. The former is taught at medical school, the latter is often neglected. For this reason and in view of the preponderance of technology in the daily routine in clinics, many medical students and physicians would like to be offered an optional subject which focuses on philosophical problems: a Philosophicum. To meet this demand, the University Hospital of Würzburg has been offering a Philosophicum since the summer semester 2010.

It is often presumed that philosophy is too complicated, that it is a matter for experts, and that it is boring. The Philosophicum aims at eliminating this preconception. The seminars which will be held by different speakers in the fields of medicine and philosophy are a general introduction to philosophy. This semester the seminars will furthermore deal with new findings in different fields of philosophy with a particular focus on ethics in daily medical routine.

This Philosophicum is designed to give you the opportunity to become acquainted with philosophy in addition to your medical studies and your medical profession. It should motivate you to think about the world and its people in a systematic way.

In this way philosophy can become an intellectual adventure for you.

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. T. Bohrer (Bamberg), Prof. Dr. med. M. Schmidt (Würzburg), Prof. Dr. phil. Königshausen (Würzburg)